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Jennifer Sweenie

Grain-Free, High-Fiber Breakfast Cookies

These soft and cakey cookies are something you can feel good about eating for breakfast. Lightly sweetened with honey and high in fiber from sweet...

Jennifer Sweenie
February 9 2015

A Pumpkin-Apple Smoothie To Spice Up Your Morning

We usually associate delicious fall ingredients like pumpkins, cinnamon or nutmeg with pies and other not-so-healthy desserts that are enjoyed...

Jennifer Sweenie
November 11 2014

Cleansing Cantaloupe & Mint Smoothie

It's 2014. Gone are the days of cantaloupes stuffed with cottage cheese as the dieter's breakfast staple. It's the age of juices and smoothies, so...

Jennifer Sweenie
July 16 2014

The 10 Commandments Of A Juice Cleanse

I recently had a personal trainer ask my advice about putting a client of his who is 400 pounds on a seven-day juice cleanse. My first, and only,...

Jennifer Sweenie
May 16 2014