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Jenni Hulburt

7 Mental Shifts That Will Make Your Next Run Amazing

Tip No. 4: Don't forget to love your body.

Jenni Hulburt
May 15 2017

Raw Cheesecake With Lemon Essential Oil & Blueberry Topping

Dessert? Gluten-free? Vegan? It’s true! This dessert has it all, and then some. The most refreshing ingredient? Lemon essential oil. It’s a key...

Jenni Hulburt
January 30 2014

Warm & Toasty Winter Millet (Gluten Free!)

Millet is a gluten-free alternative to wheat cereals, and a welcome change if you’re tired of the usual oatmeal!

Jenni Hulburt
December 27 2013

4 Juices & Smoothies To Help You Detox

Juicing can give you a daily dose of nutrients in an easily digestible form by removing the pulp (fiber) from fruits and vegetables. Drinking juices...

Jenni Hulburt
September 19 2013

A Simple Sequence To Help You Move Through Life With Ease

There are lots of reasons we work out – to feel good, to look good, to be healthy — but as a health and fitness coach, I’ve learned we all have one...

Jenni Hulburt
August 13 2013