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Jamie Lee Mock

Why Everyone Should Give The NAG Diet A Try

I refer to the whole food approach to eating as the NAG diet. Natural. Alive. Good quality. It’s a diet that isn’t really a diet at all. It’s a way of...

Jamie Lee Mock
November 8 2015

Your Body Has A "Happiness Point." Here's How To Feel Better In 30 Seconds

We owe it to ourselves and the people whose lives we touch to take a breather — to slow down, listen to our hearts, and reconnect. One way to do this...

Jamie Lee Mock
September 9 2015

5 Simple Strategies For Naturally Healthy Hair

Hair, skin and nails are often reflections of what’s going on inside our bodies. In order to attain a glowing exterior, we must take the whole body...

Jamie Lee Mock
July 1 2015

A Walnut + Kale Pesto To Make Any Meal Better

Pesto is my favorite condiment to keep on hand, especially for those indecisive “there’s nothing to eat for dinner” nights. You know the ones —...

Jamie Lee Mock
June 16 2015