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Jaime Posa

Is This Yoga?

Yoga isn't longingly bending forward, forcefully reaching for the ground or grasping behind your calves. Yoga is letting go, surrendering to your...

Jaime Posa
July 4 2013

Why Having A Gun To My Head Made Me Trust My Heart

On January 1, 2012 a lost soul held a gun to my head.

Jaime Posa
March 21 2013

Why I'm Sick Of Kale

I’m so sick of kale.

Jaime Posa
February 23 2013

How Headstands Changed My Life

Joining the Peace Corps was not about two years of service. It was not about giving back, it was not about adventure, and it was certainly not about...

Jaime Posa
January 25 2013

Why You Can't Do Yoga

In high school I could not bend down and touch my toes… and I do not mean that my fingertips were millimeters from grazing them. I was a solid 8...

Jaime Posa
December 27 2012

How My Sister Beat Cancer When She Was 5 Years Old

“Who is that boy you’re playing with?” My grandma asks me as we sit on the couch watching home videos.

Jaime Posa
November 30 2012

3 Ways to Live Until You're 93

My grandma is utterly amazing, something you have to see to believe. She golfs (and wins), she cooks, she cleans, she sews, she draws (she was a...

Jaime Posa
September 18 2012

What Are 10 Things You Are Grateful for Today?

I keep a gratitude journal. At the end of every day, preferably right before I get into bed, I write down ten reasons I am grateful for the day that...

Jaime Posa
September 11 2012