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Hali Tsotetsi

5 Ways Life Gets Better When You Give Up Booze

About two years ago, I made a life-changing decision, one that had seemed impossible to actually follow through on before I finally did it: I stopped...

Hali Tsotetsi
August 22 2014

11 Things I'll Never Be Sorry For

Recently, a colleague bumped into me and somehow my reaction to this was to think that if only I had thought to stand further out of the way, he...

Hali Tsotetsi
July 21 2014

The 5 Greatest Gifts You Can Give To Your Loved Ones

We often think of gifts as material goods, and we often demonstrate our love for those who are close to us through material gifts. But when physical...

Hali Tsotetsi
June 17 2014

What I Wish I'd Known Before My First Breakup

During my first breakup, I remember feeling like I'd failed. Feeling confused by the fact that I loved someone so much but nothing good had come out...

Hali Tsotetsi
May 23 2014

4 Reasons I'll Never Pick Up A Gossip Magazine Again

The first time that I read a gossip magazine, I found solace in the fact that the celebrities that looked perfect on magazine covers looked worse than...

Hali Tsotetsi
April 24 2014

5 Reasons I Recommend Yoga For Everyone

As a yoga teacher, I often hear people describe how yoga has transformed their lives. That's one of the reasons many yogi gurus believe that yoga was...

Hali Tsotetsi
April 14 2014

7 Tips To Boost Your Self-Esteem

In the past year I've really learned what it means to have self-worth. I am finding out more and more that when you can appreciate yourself it is a...

Hali Tsotetsi
April 5 2014

5 Questions To Ask Before You Let Go Of A Friendship

Recently I made a bold decision: I decided to discontinue two friendships in my life. I couldn't be friends with them any longer because I hadn't felt...

Hali Tsotetsi
March 31 2014

10 Small Acts Of Kindness You Can Practice Daily

The Dalai Lama famously said, "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."

Hali Tsotetsi
March 11 2014

5 Truths To Help You Through A Break-Up

It was over. And I had no idea what to do. I had come to the realization that I had been in a relationship with someone I didn't like. And therefore,...

Hali Tsotetsi
February 28 2014

5 Truths For Anyone Chasing A Dream

After nearly a decade of being in love with yoga, I made a courageous decision. I decided that I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I thought, how hard...

Hali Tsotetsi
February 24 2014

5 Words You Should(!) Remove From Your Vocabulary

Words carry power, and I've found called myself names I thought I didn't mean, only to find out later that I did mean them. Because behind every word...

Hali Tsotetsi
February 5 2014

5 Things I Wish I Knew Back When I Was Bullied

Everyone has experienced being picked on, in some manner, by someone in her life. I've only recently made peace with people who have done so to me.

Hali Tsotetsi
January 28 2014

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Hot Yoga Class

I have been practicing different styles of yoga on and off for a long time; however, I started practicing hot yoga three years ago, and I'm so...

Hali Tsotetsi
January 17 2014

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Relationship

I would describe my first long-term relationship as a mixture of these adjectives: wonderful, powerful, dysfunctional and volatile.

Hali Tsotetsi
December 27 2013

12 Great Reasons To Love Yourself

I have a confession to make: loving myself has rarely come easily to me. So I made a list of reasons why I should love myself. I wanted share it...

Hali Tsotetsi
December 12 2013

What Happened When I Stopped Trying To Control Everything

I had always believed that I had to be in control of everything in my life. It sounds impossible when put into words, but that's how I used to live my...

Hali Tsotetsi
December 4 2013

12 Reasons To Smile Every Day

As Mother Teresa said, "Peace begins with a smile." I came up with daily reminders that helped me maintain my smile and peace, even during difficult...

Hali Tsotetsi
November 7 2013

How I Finally Made Peace With My Body

I spent nearly two decades at war with my body. I would wake up to an image in the mirror and I would fight what I saw. I would wish for differently...

Hali Tsotetsi
November 1 2013

5 Negative Behaviors That Used To Waste My Time

When I look back on how I've dealt with difficult times in the past, I realize that I've spent a lot of wasted time on negative mindsets that haven't...

Hali Tsotetsi
October 20 2013