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Gilda Mulero

Vegan Butternut Squash Tart

After making this super easy Thanksgiving tart your guests will indeed be thankful for a scrumptious treat without all the additives. This recipe is...

Gilda Mulero
November 21 2011

Jam Dot Cookies

These lovely little gems are super easy to make and are great with tea and dare I say, "nutritionally dense." But don't be alarmed, I brought these...

Gilda Mulero
October 14 2011

Vegan Sweet Potato Cornbread

With a chill in the air, I think of comfort foods... and this lovely corn bread came to mind immediately. It is super yummy for breakfast,...

Gilda Mulero
September 19 2011

Just About Everything Good For You Cookies

It has been so dreary outside, but there's no need to be dreary on the inside. Bake a batch of these delightfully tasting yet wholesome treats and...

Gilda Mulero
September 8 2011

Vegan Sesame Orange Fried Rice

The secret to great fried rice is to begin with cold cooked grains, as hot steamy rice is too moist which makes a soggy unhappy dish. Using cold rice...

Gilda Mulero
August 24 2011

Classic Caponata

It's that time of year when the harvest of veggies come pouring in. In this recipe eggplant is the star of the show. Caponata can stand alone as a...

Gilda Mulero
August 9 2011

Summer Succotash

I must admit it really is too hot to cook; nonetheless, we still need our nourishment. This simple recipe is fast, light and easy but still abundant...

Gilda Mulero
July 25 2011

Wheat Berry Salad

Given the summer season it is a wonderful time for a picnic and this salad is perfectly fresh and light.

Gilda Mulero
July 8 2011

Make Your Own Protein Bars

I run in and out of the house quite a bit...whether it is to yoga class or to work and I love to have something in the house that is high in protein...

Gilda Mulero
June 24 2011