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Emily Nolan

Why I Decided To Share My Nude Pictures

It's the most vulnerable I can be, but in a way, I'm glad you can see me for exactly who I am: strong, confident, worthy, loved.

Emily Nolan
September 29 2015

I'm A Model. Here's Why Beauty Standards Are BS

We can all agree that when we look through a magazine, we’re being taught to learn something that is untrue. In the United States, flipping through a...

Emily Nolan
August 12 2014

18 Easy Ways To Be Kind

We have two options in life: To be kind, or not to be kind. It’s absolutely empowering to choose kindness, and below are 18 ways to help you practice...

Emily Nolan
May 22 2014

How To Break The Ice With Anyone You Meet (A Model's Guide)

As a model, I’m frequently in the position of meeting new people.

Emily Nolan
April 11 2014

How To Take Great Pictures: A Model Shares Her Secrets

I used to hate the way I looked in pictures, even though I liked what I saw in the mirror. In photos, I'd have a fake smile, a lifeless smirk, or an...

Emily Nolan
March 12 2014

5 Ways To Deal (Gracefully) With Any Jerks In Your Life

While most of us try to become more kind and thoughtful as we age, sadly, some people just don't (or can't) do this and they wind up being bullies....

Emily Nolan
February 3 2014

How I'm Making My Long-Distance Marriage Work

In my living room, there’s one big brown cardboard box stacked on top of several others. My luggage is packed and I’m saying my goodbyes. I kiss my...

Emily Nolan
January 19 2014

How I Went Vegan, Gained Weight & Felt Better About My Body

Given an option to be happy or depressed, my guess is that we'd all choose happiness. It’s mystifying though, that when it comes to thinking about our...

Emily Nolan
November 12 2013

Why I Became A Plus-Sized Model (And Why I Hate That Label)

I started modeling as a size 4. I struggled to get work and begged a powerhouse agency to sign me. In return, I promised I'd lose weight.

Emily Nolan
November 6 2013