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Stephen Cowan, M.D.

What To Do The Next Time Your Kid Has A Meltdown

Watching your toddler fall to the floor in a puddle of shrieks in public is enough to mortify any parent. But it's important to remember that tantrums...

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
October 26 2015

How To Break Your Kid's Screen Addiction: A Pediatrician Explains

Endless screens, video games, and gadgets now fill our children's world — and they're all designed to capture your kids' imagination. The problem is,...

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
October 12 2015

This 2-Minute Meditation Will Help You Find Calm With Your New Baby

For those of you who have new babies, you know that life is full of everyday miracles. But this period can also mean sleepless chaos with little sense...

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
October 5 2015

6 Ways Anyone Can Be A Great Parent

As one year winds down and another begins, we take a moment to reflect on the job we're doing as parents and look for ways we can improve. Just having...

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
December 31 2014

5 Ways Children Remind Us To Heal

Our children heal us. Over the years, I have seen clear evidence of this simple truth (and other truths!) in my pediatric practice. With each cry,...

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
December 9 2014

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Autism

Recently I received an alert from the American Academy of Pediatrics reporting the latest statistics from the CDC on the incidence of autism in...

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
April 1 2014

11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew

After 25 years practicing pediatrics, and caring for thousands of children, I've noticed some patterns that offer me a deeper vision of health. Here...

Stephen Cowan, M.D.
July 11 2013