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Dr. Francesca Vazquez

The Only 4 Habits You Need For True, Enduring Happiness (According To Science)

"Find an activity (or activities) in which you experience 'flow.' This can be defined as a state where time stops and you feel completely submerged in...

Dr. Francesca Vazquez
August 24 2016

Mindfulness Tools To Use The Next Time You're Totally Stressed Out

If we have a few tools in our back pockets when stressful events arise, we're more likely to successfully overcome them.

Dr. Francesca Vazquez
June 2 2016

A Refreshing Smoothie Packed With Protein To Fuel Your Summer

You don’t need a protein powder to get your post-workout protein fix.

Dr. Francesca Vazquez
May 29 2016

7 Proven Ways To Help Prevent Cancer

In the wellness world, cancer prevention is a common topic. But which techniques are actually backed by science?

Dr. Francesca Vazquez
February 29 2016

How To Boost Your Immune System (Right Before Cold Season Strikes)

Winter is upon us! It's an exciting season for many reasons — but it also means we'll likely be spending more time indoors, less time exercising, more...

Dr. Francesca Vazquez
December 9 2015

Stressed Out? 5 Foods To Avoid At All Costs

When we experience stress on a daily basis, our immune, endocrine, and nervous systems are adversely affected. In fact, stress is one of the biggest...

Dr. Francesca Vazquez
October 13 2015