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F. Emelia Sam, DDS

6 Simple Ways To Be More Present In Your Relationships

Life can pass by at a dizzying pace. If we aren't conscious of being present, we can miss a lot in the moment. Mindfulness dictates we do the...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
March 18 2015

7 Signs You're Living With Purpose

The world has a lot to offer, and it's common for people to wonder if they're making the right choices. The concept of purpose may feel elusive for...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
November 9 2014

How To Tell If You Have Good Friends

Whether it's the wisdom of the ages or the warnings of our parents, we inherently understand the power of our friendships: our worlds can be...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
October 28 2014

Love Doesn't Make You Blind ... It Reveals Your Truest Self

It's commonly said that love is blind. Admittedly, there's a euphoria that surrounds the beginning of a new relationship. However, the experience...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
July 24 2014

3 Ways To Handle (And Even Love) Toxic People

Identifying the toxic people in your life is usually pretty straightforward. But depending on your coping skills, their desire to change (or not), and...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
June 30 2014

5 Warning Signs You're Dealing With A Toxic Person

Just as we wish to remove toxins from our food, peace of mind requires removal of toxic people from our daily experience. Absorbing repeated doses of...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
June 13 2014

5 Tips To Stop Settling For Less In Life & Love

I wrote this post as a follow-up to the article 5 Telltale Signs You’re Settling for Less in Life and Love. To get on the path of creating the life...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
June 4 2014

How To Make Space In Your Life For Your Soulmate

Love, in all its forms, is the one thing we all need. Soulmates exist in various types of relationships. However, for the purpose of this article, the...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
May 14 2014

7 Easy Ways To Find The Peace You Crave & Deserve

Whether we seek it consciously or not, inner peace is often the motivation for our actions. We are called to engage in activities that bring us...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
May 8 2014

5 Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

We live in a world of to-do lists, resolutions, and checklists. We ask, “Where do you see yourself in five or 10 years?” There's a constant pressure...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
March 5 2014

5 Signs You're In A Highly Sacred Relationship

Relationships provide the opportunity to teach us many lessons. Whether it's between parent-child, friends, or even strangers, we can learn so much...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
February 26 2014

Forget Resolutions! 5 Things To Dump In 2014

Traveling light is freeing for anyone on a journey. After all, that’s what life is—one continuous journey. Far too often, we carry extra baggage with...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
January 2 2014

25 Ways You're Too Hard On Yourself

We commonly think about forgiveness as something we give to others. This is true even when we know we are forgiving others for our own sanity....

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
December 11 2013

5 Steps To Break Free Of Your Negative Patterns

Sometimes learning requires repeated lessons. However, there usually comes a time when déjà vu gets to be a little annoying. Here are some tips to...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
November 29 2013

5 Myths About Love That Could Be Hurting Your Relationships

Dysfunctional relationships are everywhere. It really shouldn’t be surprising with all the distorted depictions of love and relationships we see...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
November 12 2013

5 Questions That Will Help You Find Your True Self

The quest for personal fulfillment is universal. Even when we don’t consciously recognize this, we stumble from circumstance to circumstance in search...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
October 6 2013

The Best Ways To Overcome Emotional Trauma

Life presents so many things for which to be grateful. However, we'll all endure hardships over the course of our lifetimes. Pain is an inescapable...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
June 14 2013

6 Actions To Create A Life You Love

We all want to live a life that we can love. But, sometimes, life gets in the way of quality living. Only by consciously making an effort to change,...

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
May 23 2013

The 3 Things You Need for Inner Peace

The concept of inner peace is one that many understand intellectually, though it remains elusive in practice.

Dr. F. Emelia Sam
December 6 2012