5 Articles by F. Emelia Sam, DDS

F. Emelia Sam, DDS

​7 Signs You're Living With Purpose

Stop wondering if you're making the right choices.

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
November 9 2014

5 Signs You're In A Highly Sacred Relationship

Relationships provide the opportunity to teach us many lessons.

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
February 26 2014

25 Ways You're Too Hard On Yourself

We commonly think about forgiveness as something we give to others. This is true even when we know we are forgiving others for our own sanity....

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
December 11 2013

5 Steps To Break Free Of Your Negative Patterns

Sometimes learning requires repeated lessons. However, there usually comes a time when déjà vu gets to be a little annoying.

F. Emelia Sam, DDS
November 29 2013