9 Articles by Anthony Youn, M.D., FACS

Anthony Youn, M.D., FACS

I'm A Conventional Medicine Doctor. Here's What Made Me Embrace Alternative Medicine

Confession: Three years ago I knew nothing of functional and naturopathic medicine.

All-Natural Solutions to Bad Breath, Body Odor, Cracked Feet & Thinning Hair

The good news? The solutions to many of these issues are all-natural, easy to put into practice, and inexpensive.

The One Ingredient You Need For Baby-Smooth Skin

AHAs are alpha-hydroxy acids, a class of chemical compounds that can be either naturally occurring or synthetic. Many are derived from organic sugars,...

Does Your Skin Look Its Age? This 2-Minute Ritual Will Take 5 Years Off Your Face

Here's a very simple skin care routine that I recommend to my patients. It takes just two minutes every morning and evening but can keep your skin...

Anthony Youn, M.D., FACS
March 17 2017

10 Food Rules For Glowing Skin At Any Age

For younger, brighter skin, follow theses 10 food rules.

4 Major Factors That Age Your Skin + How To Avoid Them

Why does aging change your skin, and why, oh why, can’t it just stay the same as it was when you were young, before you ever had a pimple, before you...

Anthony Youn, M.D., FACS
January 25 2016