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Debbie Hampton

4 Ways To Climb Out Of Your Brain Trap

In India, when training elephants, handlers begin by sturdily chaining one of the elephant's hind legs to a tree. Over time, they gradually decrease...

Debbie Hampton
April 20 2016

Why You Secretly Love Fear (Even If You Think You Don't)

Fear is your brain reacting to the expectation or anticipation of possible harm. That doesn’t sound like much fun. So, why do so many of us seek out...

Debbie Hampton
October 30 2015

The Kind Of Fighting That Improves Your Life

You know that chatter inside your head that keeps a running commentary on everything you do? It drags you down with endless criticisms, judgments, and...

Debbie Hampton
September 21 2015

How To Be Optimistic — Even At Rock Bottom

After a suicide attempt, I was left seriously brain injured and lost custody of my two sons, who moved to a different state with their father. As part...

Debbie Hampton
August 18 2015

Sleep-Deprivation Is ACTUALLY Ruining Your Life: Here's How To Fix It

From your skin to your job to your relationships, sleep affects everything. But these days, more of us are sleep-deprived than not. It's such a big...

Debbie Hampton
August 12 2015

Why Spending Time With Friends Boosts Your Oxytocin

When you're depressed, it can feel easier to retreat inward into the world of your depression, rather than reach out to others and seek healthy...

Debbie Hampton
June 2 2015

How To Rescue Yourself From Obsessive Worrying

Worrying has become a national pastime. Whether you're worrying about repaying your college loan, having job stability in an unstable economy or...

Debbie Hampton
April 29 2015

What You Need To Know About The Female Brain

Did you know that every brain starts out as female? At eight weeks of development, either a testosterone surge kills off cells in the communication...

Debbie Hampton
March 24 2015

This Small Fix Could Help Your Kids Do Better In School

In classrooms (as well as in many other places), laptops are becoming the norm. It's no doubt that technology allows for cool abilities inside and...

Debbie Hampton
January 25 2015

9 Unexpected Tips To Beat Stress When Your Life Is A Mess

With the extra hustle and bustle of the season (shopping, decorating, wrapping, socializing, etc.), it's easy to feel less than wonderful during this...

Debbie Hampton
December 22 2014

This Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child's Brain

If there existed one, simple thing you could do to improve your child's performance every day at school, in addition to their long-term educational...

Debbie Hampton
December 10 2014

I Left A Marriage After 18 Years. Here's What I Learned

I've come to understand that I was causing my own suffering with expectations of what I thought my life should be.

Debbie Hampton
November 3 2014

How Staring At A Screen Changes Your Brain (For The Worse)

The typical US citizen spends a staggering 50 plus hours consuming media from a screen per week. Recent statistics show that the average U.S. adult...

Debbie Hampton
August 26 2014