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Carré Otis

What Happened When I Allowed Myself To Be Vulnerable In Public

When I was asked to present a TEDx Talk, my immediate reaction was pure terror. I had been inspired by many TEDx and TED Talks. I knew they were well...

Carré Otis
January 31 2014

How I Recovered From Sexual Trauma, Low Self-Esteem & Eating Disorders

It took many years before I was able to make the connection between my eating disorder and my history of sexual trauma. In therapy, I began to...

Carré Otis
September 6 2013

10 Things I Wish I'd Known About Health When I Was A 20-Something Supermodel

Today my vice is optimum health. But that was not always the case. And more often than not, each and every attempt I made to “get” somewhere in terms...

Carré Otis
August 28 2013

The Barbie Question

It was a typical hurried morning of making breakfast, preparing lunches and packing backpacks for my two young daughters. But once I finally got them...

Carré Otis
May 7 2013

Why You Should Say 'No' And Honor Your Needs

I was a girl who, like many of us, was not empowered to speak up. I wasn’t told I could say no, even when no was clearly the appropriate answer....

Carré Otis
May 2 2013

The Girl Who Hated Savasana

For the many years I lived in the Los Angeles area, at least a decade of them were devoted to cultivating my yoga practice.

Carré Otis
January 18 2013

How I Let Go of the 'Quick Fix'

I grew up on antibiotics. Every ailment—sore throats, ear aches, flus—warranted a trip to the doctor and, in most cases, some kind of prescription. I...

Carré Otis
August 20 2012

During Uncertainty, Rest in Groundlessness

Over a month ago my family and I embarked on a major move. We headed from our 4-year Rocky Mountain family retreat back to the California coast and...

Carré Otis
July 26 2012

I Am a Survivor of Sexual Violence

I am a survivor of sexual violence. I am a survivor of rape. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. I am a friend of women and an advocate...

Carré Otis
May 2 2012

Flexibility, Inside and Out

During my decade long daily practice of Ashtanga, yoga was so much a part of my existence that it never ever occurred to me one day life might change...

Carré Otis
April 11 2012

Self-Love Is the Battery That Powers Everything

When was the last time you honestly asked yourself, "How do I feel about me?" "How do I see myself?" Simple and obvious? Maybe not so much.

Carré Otis
March 8 2012