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Cait Scudder

How Fear Is Holding You Back + 4 Ways To Overcome It

Simply by venturing outside your comfort zone and into the unknown, you're making yourself vulnerable to uncertainty. And that anxiety can keep you...

Cait Scudder
July 14 2017

Move Over, SMART Goals: There's A More Effective Way To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

Feeling like your life lately is all grind, no grace? This fresh goal-setting paradigm fuses hustle and heart, strategy and soul, committed action and...

Cait Scudder
July 7 2017

6 Morning Rituals To Guarantee A Vibrant Day

"The simple act of remembering that we have the power and agency to begin the day vibrantly opens the space for a sense of empowerment, possibility,...

Cait Scudder
October 3 2016

11 Ways To Forge Meaningful Connections Anywhere You Go

One of the magical things about being in a new place is the perspective we gain for life happening all around us.

Cait Scudder
July 3 2016