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Brandy Oswald

Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins Sweetened Only With Honey + Bananas

Tradition tells us that chocolate and peanut butter go well together and that peanut butter and bananas go well together, but we rarely put them all...

Brandy Oswald
March 13 2015

What My Doctors Didn't Tell Me About Chronic Yeast Infections

I'm turning 25 next month, and I have already had at least 40 vaginal yeast infections.

Brandy Oswald
December 7 2014

Perfect Breakfast For One: Gluten-Free Cinnamon Cereal

With all the issues surrounding gluten and the havoc it can wreak on our digestive systems, oats have become a controversial topic. Oats are naturally...

Brandy Oswald
May 30 2014

DIY: Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic To Cure Bloating & Inflammation

Let me start by saying, I am obsessed with fire cider tonic. It has saved me from so much digestive discomfort. What is fire cider tonic, you ask?...

Brandy Oswald
May 15 2014

DIY: All-Natural Coconut Deodorant

For years, deodorant was something I applied every day without question because that’s what society has told us to do since our underarms started...

Brandy Oswald
March 5 2014