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Binny Liu

Not Into Kale? This Recipe Might Change Your Mind

We all know kale is an amazing nutrient dense vegetable. However, I've often heard people say that its bitter taste and hard, chewy texture makes it...

Binny Liu
October 8 2014

DIY: Make Your Own Healthy Nutella RIGHT NOW

Swap your store-bought Nutella for this healthy homemade version.

Binny Liu
September 23 2014

Make-Ahead Breakfast: Banana-Chia Pudding

This is an absolutely delicious raw, vegan and filling breakfast or dessert packed with chia seeds, bananas and cashews!

Binny Liu
August 16 2014

Watercress & Avocado Salad

Watercress has just topped the list of the most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, beating better known greens such as chard, spinach and kale. It...

Binny Liu
August 6 2014

A Simple pH-Balancing Alkaline Salad

An acidic diet can cause emotional distress in the body and toxic overload, leading to myriad health problems. It should be of no surprise that the...

Binny Liu
August 4 2014

Lemon-Garlic Oyster Mushrooms (A Delicious Vegan Side!)

This dish is a wonderful side accompaniment to any main, or if you adore mushrooms, as I do, you can serve it as a main dish with quinoa or rice. The...

Binny Liu
July 15 2014

Raw White Chocolate Raspberry Torte (Super Easy To Make!)

Tuck into a delicious healthy alternative to a white chocolate cake with this cashew-based recipe. It really does taste the same, and it's super easy...

Binny Liu
July 13 2014

Crunchy Vegan Cranberry-Cinnamon Balls

These small energy boosting balls are easy to make, a great snack item that keeps you feeling satisfied and every bite is a crunchy mouthful of...

Binny Liu
June 24 2014

Gluten-Free Sweet Macadamia Nut Cookies

Macadamia nuts are high in unsaturated fatty acids and palmitoleic acids, which actually can help speed up metabolism. They're an excellent source of...

Binny Liu
May 26 2014

Gluten-Free Banana & Macadamia Bread

Any overripe bananas are great for making banana bread; the sweetness is a natural treat without all the added refined sugars. Bananas are one of...

Binny Liu
May 13 2014

Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

Sometimes baked goodies just satisfy like nothing else. I figured that if you're going to have a brownie, it might as well be made from healthy...

Binny Liu
April 1 2014

Cinnamon Oatmeal With Cashew Milk (Gluten Free)

Raw oatmeal is super easy to make, but it's important to soak the oats beforehand to reduce their phytic acid content.

Binny Liu
March 13 2014

The Ultimate Vegan Massaman Curry

Massaman curry is a traditional Thai dish usually made with beef, lamb or chicken. It's got a slightly tangy flavor that differs from other curries,...

Binny Liu
March 8 2014

Raw Coconut Key Lime Pie (Nut Free!)

Who doesn't love the creamy tartness of a good lime pie? I remember one summer road tripping to Key West and spending a good couple of days sampling...

Binny Liu
February 28 2014

Raw Avocado & Enoki Sushi Rolls

This is a great raw, vegan alternative to normal sushi rolls. Even though rice is part of a stable diet for many, a lot of people avoid it because of...

Binny Liu
February 4 2014

Protein-Packed Raw Chocolate Brownies (Super Easy!)

These small slices are moist, chocolaty and delicious! Super easy and quick to make, they are a great little snack to help satisfy those sweet...

Binny Liu
January 19 2014

Hearty Kale & Lima Bean Soup

Warm up through the cold weather with this hearty and filling soup that's easy to make and full of nutrients.

Binny Liu
January 15 2014

Raw Ginger Pear Cheesecake With Maple Glaze

The festive season is tricky as we all tend to get caught up in the overindulging and eating, but here's a recipe that's delicious and healthy!

Binny Liu
January 3 2014

Raw Spiced Apple Pie (Only Takes 15 Minutes!)

They say an apple a day keep the doctors away, and often the simplest answer is the best. This simple fruit packs an array of health benefits, and is...

Binny Liu
December 15 2013

A Hearty Veggie Salad With A Horseradish Kick

The beauty of the fall season isn't just the leaves changing color or the crispiness of the air; it's also the amazing array of vegetables that are in...

Binny Liu
December 6 2013