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Annie Yates

Exfoliating & Nourishing Spirulina Face Mask

Many of us are aware of the health benefits of adding spirulina to our diets, but did you know it's also makes for a great skin treatment? This quick...

Annie Yates
March 18 2015

Why Meditation Should Be Part Of Your Beauty Regimen

So much modern skin care comes from a bottle or jar, and advertisements make health and beauty look complicated, leading us to believe that we need a...

Annie Yates
March 15 2015

DIY: Banana-Honey Face Mask To Soothe Dry Skin

Now that the weather is officially "cold," you may find you skin feeling uncomfortably tight, chapped and dry. When the skin on your face starts to...

Annie Yates
January 4 2015

Raw Snowball Cake Pops

I originally made these as treat for my kids and they were an absolute hit. Turns out they are just as popular with grown-ups and I'm regularly making...

Annie Yates
December 5 2014

Lemon-Ginger Hand Scrub For Dry Winter Skin

As a natural and organic manicurist, my clients regularly ask what products I recommend. There are definitely amazing products on the market today,...

Annie Yates
November 21 2014