Anne Hartley

Anne Hartley is the CEO of Hart Life Coaching, a training school, and founder of Love Your Life Project - a movement which encourages and supports individuals to live happier lives.

During her earlier career Anne was very successful, she started several small businesses which she sold for a profit, before starting and managing The Financial Woman, a financial planning business for women during the eighties. Throughout the eighties and nineties Anne became a best-selling author, often writing for newspapers and magazines such as Australian Women’s Weekly and Sun Herald. She achieved her goal to be a professional speaker, often talking at Money Shows, and conferences. She was a sought after commentator on women’s financial matters on radio and TV.
When Anne had her last child she found juggling the demands of her career and a baby to be too much. She chose motherhood and walked away from her business to start a business which she could run from home, it failed within the first twelve months. Following that failure Anne experienced a mid-life crisis where she felt lost and directionless. Fed up with herself she committed to finding a way to create a better life, that search culminated in Anne becoming a life coach, starting a life coach training school, and her best-selling book Love the Life You Live.
Anne is the author of several best-selling books including Love The Life You Live, Life Lessons, Love Your Money Love Your Life, the Psychology of Money; Debt free and Financially Free.