10 Articles by Amita Patel, LMSW

Amita Patel, LMSW

How To Set Goals You Can Achieve No Matter What

There are two primary reasons people fail over and over to meet the goals they set for themselves, but this is the remedy for both.

Amita Patel, LMSW
August 16 2017

7 Reasons You’re Exhausted All The Time

Last week I was exhausted. My routine was off, and while I had fun (date nights, wellness events, and a random afternoon excursion), I was exhausted....

Amita Patel, LMSW
June 29 2015

7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Happiness

I was in a nine-year relationship with a man I loved, but we fought way too much. We couldn't seem to agree on anything as a couple: how to eat, where...

Amita Patel, LMSW
July 27 2014

Why We Stay In Crappy Situations (And How To Get Out Of Them)

Change sucks. That’s why we stay in bad relationships, eat at the same restaurants, and take the same path to work every day. Humans like comfort,...

Amita Patel, LMSW
June 30 2014

20 Things I Wish I'd Known In My 20s

My 20s were an incredibly formative time, while also being the decade where I made myriad mistakes.

Amita Patel, LMSW
June 9 2014

10 Habits Of Emotionally Resilient People

Ever notice how some people are stressed during transitions while others can just roll with the punches?

Amita Patel, LMSW
May 11 2014