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Day 13: You're Almost There! Here's How To Track Your Progress

The difference between "progress" and "success."

Light Watkins
September 9 2017

Day 12: How To Measure Success

Am I a meditation master yet?

Light Watkins
September 8 2017

Day 11: How To Deal With Strong Emotions That Arise During Meditation

What to do when meditation triggers anxiety, sadness, or other emotions.

Light Watkins
September 7 2017

Day 10: Handling Interruptions & Letting Go Of Expectations

"Don't start playing therapist with yourself in the middle of a meditation."

Light Watkins
September 6 2017

Day 9: The Best Time & Space To Meditate

Should you coffee before you meditate?

Light Watkins
September 5 2017

Day 8: How To Set An Intention For Your Meditations

Because what's a meditation without an intention?

Light Watkins
September 4 2017

Day 5: How Your Bodily State Affects Your Meditation

Learn how to deal with positive and negative thoughts during meditation.

Light Watkins
September 1 2017

Day 3: What Is The Best Posture For Meditation?

Fidgety? This will help.

Light Watkins
August 30 2017

Why Now, More Than Ever, Is The Time To Start Meditating

A self-care call to action.

Gretchen Lidicker
August 25 2017

Do This Beach Workout For Strong, Toned Surfer Legs

Get ready to catch those waves.

Krista Stryker
August 3 2017