10 Easy Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Diet

We’ve all heard that turmeric is a superfood, but how often do we incorporate it into our diets? 

This antioxidant wonder-spice is hailed as an anti-inflammatory and praised for its ability to protect against Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart disease. 

Plus, it’s delicious! 

Though best known as the spice responsible for curry’s golden color, curry doesn’t necessarily have to be your sole source of turmeric. 

Look to these 10 easy, no-fuss ways to add this beneficial spice to your daily diet:
  1. Add a pinch of turmeric to your salad dressing.
  2. The next time you sauté kale, sprinkle some turmeric on top to combine two superfoods.
  3. Marinate chicken breast in a turmeric and lemon marinade.
  4. Add turmeric to your next rice dish for a tasty new take on rice.
  5. Sprinkle a bit of turmeric on your next batch of roasted potatoes.
  6. Infuse a half cup of olive oil with a teaspoon of turmeric and brush it onto your corn on the cob in lieu of butter.
  7. Sprinkle some turmeric into your next batch of lentil soup.
  8. Add a dash of turmeric into your scrambled eggs.
  9. When sautéing onions, sprinkle some turmeric for added flavor.
  10. Add a dash to your roasted cauliflower!
DISCLAIMER: Turmeric can stain! Be sure to soak your pots and pans after cooking with turmeric. Hey, we have to work a little extra to benefit from this stuff…right?

About the Author
Ani is a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. Ani is passionate about yoga/exercising, cooking, reading (she is a Joycean at heart), painting, gardens, and music. Ani loves spending time outdoors and is passionate about all things simple-- about removing the clutter in one's life and making room for the simple things that can often get overlooked in today's technology-oriented society.
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