10 Yoga Poses To Heal Migraines

One of my one on one students was taking mersyndol everyday for migraines. After one week of yoga with me he stopped taking them completely. He looks and feels 1000% better. His flexibility has increased dramatically! His migraines are gone. What did I teach him? What yoga postures cure migraines?
First, nutrition is crucial in all healing. Long-term solutions to health always require you to make a change to your diet. Cut out all allergenic foods - gluten, refined or artificial sugar, soy, dairy.
Secondly, get plenty of good quality water (free of fluoride and chlorine). And take Magnesium. See my two articles 11 Ways Magnesium Heals Your Mind and Body, and 6 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Magnesium Levels.
Thirdly, do these 10 yoga postures every morning. Hold each pose comfortably for up to one minute, concentrating on relaxing and breathing. Repeat the whole sequence 2-4 times.

About the Author
Marcus became a yoga teacher soon after discovering yoga at University. His classes are fun, passionate and often intense. They offer students the chance to go deep within and connect with their breath and release their emotions. Marcus communicates his love of yoga through guiding each student with insight and compassion, weaving ancient wisdom with simplicity and an emphasis on the student’s experience. His primary objective is to teach a system of yoga that fully integrates the body, mind and spirit, and channels that energy to its highest potential and purpose. Marcus continues to grow his own yoga practice everyday while remaining passionate about helping others connect to theirs. He teaches private one-on-one yoga in Sydney. His business Bodhi Yoga provides quality corporate yoga classes to companies in Sydney.