3 Spiritual Benefits of Sage
When I first used sage I was amazed by how it enhanced my intuition. As a metaphysical consultant, intuition is an essential part of the reading process, so I’m always seeking ways to enhance that part of my psyche.  

Clearing out energy in ones surrounding place enables neutral energy, which naturally helps with intuition. The Native American tribes were known to use sage for multiple purposes such as healing, clearing space and ceremonies. Many benefits can be gained in utilizing sage for smudging. If you're not familiar with smudging, it's Native American ritual that's like a "spiritual house cleaning" or spiritual purification.

1. Sage Smudging Your Room

When want to clear out the energy of a particular room, using a sage smudging stick is easy and effective. To begin smudging open the door and windows in the selected room. Take the sage smudging stick and light it up and allow the sage to burn until it smokes. Hold the stick in your dominate hand and start at the beginning of the room and rotate the smudging stick clockwise and continue throughout the room. You can say a small affirmation while rotating the sage stick such as peace, love and happiness fills this room. When the direction of the fumes are pointed in a uniform direction this can indicate that you can move to the next location, if the fumes are scattered then continue with a one counterclockwise rotations then a clockwise rotation.

2. Sage Smudging an Object

When I buy crystals, candles or even new piece of furniture, sage smudging brings clear energy to that particular item. I always to this with a dress or item of clothing that may have been tried on or returned by another customer. Just take the sage smudging stick and allow the fumes to pass over the item that you wish to clear for a few seconds.

3. Sage Smudging for Aromatherapy

I find that the sage is great for aromatherapy scent. Any place in the house that is susceptible for smell like the trash can or a litter box works great. I place the sage stick a few times around my cat Sophia’s cat box and this leaves a refreshed scent.

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