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THANK YOU! Thank you for reading another one of my articles here on MindBodyGreen. I am honored that you feel what I write is valuable enough to share on social media; thank you. Please leave comments sharing your personal stories, insights, and more.

I am Cheryl Bigus, the Healthy-Life Strategist, Hormone Hacker, Chef, Writer, Entrepreneur. I work with women who kind of know what they should or shouldn't do to care for themselves but find it hard to Make-That-Happen. My area of concentration is chronic stress, hormone dysfunction, energy stability, self-care and mind-body connection. Hint: it's all interconnected!

At, our focus is on looking at the whole person with the understanding that there are many factors that make us unhealthy, stressed-out, hormonally imbalanced and overweight. Come take our Hormone Survey.

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