How to use healing crystals and aromatherapy to balance and harmonize your whole being.

Personalized, portable aromatherapy? Count us in.

Across the globe, the conversation about what goes into your favorite natural scents is becoming a passionate point of interest, with all-natural blends that are…

Count on these oils to balance out your unique personality.

Your thyroid will thank you for all that spearmint and sandalwood.

Essential oils don't just smell wonderful, they have amazing beauty and health benefits. Essential oils have been used since antiquity for their medicinal and healing…

Your home will be smelling like the beach in minutes.

The alluring, aphrodisiac essential oils included in the aromatherapy recipe blends below include natural properties known to attract, boost confidence, and support love and compassion.

Smell is perhaps the most emotional of all our senses, and we exude the most subtle of scents when we are happy, sexy, comfortable, sad…

Let your nose nurse you back to health.

Bust through your mental blocks the natural way.

Open your ears to hearing, and start the conversation with your intuition.

Think of essential oils as tuning forks for your chakras.

It really does pay to follow your nose.