The Art Of Living With Purpose

If you feel stuck in life, or have a gift you wish you could express more fully, this course is for you. Plant-based ultra-endurance athlete and bestselling author Rich Roll has researched the science and the spirituality behind setting and achieving goals to develop a set of guiding principles that will help you become your best self and transform your life. Whether you're looking to finally finish that novel, earn your dream salary, lose the extra weight, or complete an Ironman, Rich will help you find your way.

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Total duration: 2 hours, 8 minutes of online streaming video

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When I need to dig deeper, push harder, and find a little boost, Rich Roll is the guy that comes to mind. He is inspiration embodied.

- Sanjay Gupta, MD, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

Rich a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle, break down walls, and redefine what's possible.

- John Brenkus, Creator and Host of ESPN's "Sport Science" and New York Times bestselling author of THE PERFECTION POINT

Rich Roll has accomplished amazing things, but it is his ability to draw inspiring and uniquely insightful lessons from his experiences that sets him apart from other extreme athletes...

- Dean Karnazes, nationally bestselling author of ULTRAMARATHON MAN

Rich Roll is pure inspiration!... Having lived his "dark night of the soul" and come out the other side to excel beyond imagination, Roll is immensely likeable...and a true shaman of health and fitness!

- Kathy Freston, New York Times bestselling author of QUANTUM WELLNESS and VEGANIST

For anyone who feels stuck, Rich offers sage advice on everything from relationships to lifestyle to diet to spiritual wellbeing.

- Dave Zabriskie, Five-Time National Time-Trial Champion in cycling

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2.2. It's An Inside Job
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Jai Seed Plant-Based Nutrition Cookbook
Meditation Guide
Meditation Introduction (Audio)
Meditation Step 1 - Humming (Audio)
Meditation Step 2 - Ganapati Mantra (Audio)
Meditation Step 3 - Jai Seed Tree Seal (Audio)
Meditation Step 4 - Divine Love Transmission (Audio)
About Rich Roll

After finding himself sedentary and overweight in middle age, Rich overhauled his life at age 40, adopted a plant-based whole foods diet, and reinvented himself as an ultra-distance endurance athlete. He went on to clock top finishes at the Ultraman World Championships and cemented his place in the pantheon of endurance greats when he was the first of two people to complete EPIC5 – 5 Ironmans on 5 Hawaiian Islands in under a week. His inspirational memoir FINDING ULTRA: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself was an Amazon #1 best-seller and has inspired thousands across the world to embrace a plant-based diet. Rich is a frequent guest on CNN, was named one of the "25 Fittest Men in the World" by Men's Fitness and is the host of The Rich Roll Podcast topping charts on iTunes. A graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School, Rich is an inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of healthy living. For more about Rich, visit his website: