Be Where You Are, Not Where You Think You Should Be
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I hear it every day from my lovely, clever, go-get-’em clients: Why isn’t this happening faster? I’m doing everything right – I’m sick of waiting. Let’s gooooooo! 

Here’s the thing: 

The universe has a better plan. One that’s better than the one we have. 

Whatever the “source” is for you: God, The Universe, Allah, Spirit – it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that we lose perspective from time to time. We want to tell the universe when and how we want things to manifest in our lives. 

We live in an age of “instant.” If we want it, we can get it – almost immediately. We’ve become accustomed to having nearly complete control over our lives. We’ve started to believe the universe should be working on our schedule. 

We’re missing humility. Plant the seeds of your desire in fertile soil. Take a deep breath and give the Universe a chance to do its magic. 

Respect that 50% of the plan we do not have control over. It’s out of our hands – and for a good reason. 

There are spiritual lessons that must happen in order to raise you to a higher consciousness. But those lessons? They probably won’t happen on your schedule. 

It’s not about the Universe giving you what you want, when you want it. It’s about the Universe training you to be who you are. Assisting you in winning back the knowledge of who you REALLY are. Powerful. Whole. Abundant. Worthy Enough. Safe. Guided We might think we have problems, but the only real problem we have is that we are disconnected from our source. 

The universe will occasionally bring us to our knees, not as punishment, but to show us a better way. Unfortunately when things we have placed our trust in are taken away, we believe the universe is pitted against us. But the universe is, in fact, rooting for us. We think we’re being punished. We’re wrong. We’re being enlightened. 

It’s the Universe’s way of teaching us that we already have all we need. 

Our job: Stay available. Stay open. Stay patient. And know that the answer will most likely be revealed and in a way you haven’t considered. Trust that life is unfolding at a pace that meets your best and highest development. 

You control what you can control and let the Universe do the other 50%. If things aren’t happening how and when you want them to – smile. The Universe is at work trying to show you a better way. 

So while you’re waiting: live with gratitude live with patience live with humility. And say to yourself: “I trust that I will be given everything I need and in far greater ways than I can imagine.” 

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