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Yogi Cameron

Can't Sleep? It's Time To Check In With Your Chakras

You'll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Yogi Cameron
September 2 2016

How To Do The Perfect Lotus Pose

Today, Ayurvedic therapist Yogi Cameron will show you how to perfect your lotus pose. Using this pose, we create a blocking action so the energy...

Yogi Cameron
May 13 2016

How To Improve Your Sex Drive Using Only Your Breath

Unleash your full sexual potential by tapping into your spiritual side.

Yogi Cameron
May 13 2016

6 Questions To Help You Realize Your Goals This Year

The beginning of the year brings challenges because of all the expectations we put on ourselves.

Yogi Cameron
January 13 2016

A 7-Day Chakra Reset For Your Best Year Ever

With the arrival of a new year, we have a sense of starting fresh. We find the motivation to start new fitness regimens, make commitments to eating...

Yogi Cameron
January 2 2016

7 Simple Meditation Techniques For First-Timers

Meditation seems to be more popular than ever. This is great news, as meditation does so much for the body, mind, and spirit. It can help to reduce...

Yogi Cameron
December 9 2015

A Chakra-Opening Technique To Feel Better Now (In Less Than A Minute!)

Need a hand getting out of bed this morning after you’ve already hit the snooze button (twice)? I have just the thing for you: a chakra-opening...

Yogi Cameron
November 30 2015

Chakras 101: What They Are + Why You Should Care

Have you ever felt disconnected from your life, to the point that suddenly you are not sure what the meaning is? One minute, you feel fine, and the...

Yogi Cameron
November 24 2015

How To Know If Your Chakras Are Blocked (And What To Do About It)

Have you been tired lately? Agitated by the smallest remarks or activity? Are you frustrated because you feel stuck in an unhealthy pattern, or...

Yogi Cameron
November 21 2015

A Yogi's 5-Step Guide To Eating For Optimal Health

When I wrote about how I eat for optimal health earlier this year, I got quite a few people talking.

Yogi Cameron
December 31 2014

A Guided Tanpura Meditation For Total Relaxation

To actually be able to meditate and go beyond our busy mind, we must find the correct method and technique best suited for our unique self.

Yogi Cameron
December 12 2014

How I Eat For Optimal Health: The Food Diary Of A Yogi

What if I told you that your diet has the potential to make everything right in your life? Ayurveda teaches us that our digestive strength defines the...

Yogi Cameron
March 22 2014

3 Ancient Secrets For Youthful, Glowing Skin

It can often feel complicated and expensive to remain vibrant and healthy, but achieving this for yourself doesn’t have to be either of these things....

Yogi Cameron
January 13 2014