Lauren Roxburgh

Lauren Roxburgh, a mind-body expert certified in pre- and post-natal yoga, Pilates and fascia specialties, created the body transforming technique BODY BREAKTHRU, which focuses on aligning, toning and slimming the body, releasing pain and promotes anti-aging by using her secret weapon -- the foam roller. Her philosophies are rooted in the body’s ability to naturally heal itself through body-mind awareness. Lauren's interest in health was inspired at a young age as a result of her mother’s cancer diagnosis. She received a degree in nutrition and exercise physiology from UCSB and began to seek out methods to prevent disease and better understand the body-mind connection.

Lauren’s private VIP client base includes NBA stars Lebron James and Baron Davis, NHL star Jarett Stoll, Michele Promaulayko, the Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health Magazine, model and actress Devon Aioki, actress Melissa Rauch, and top Orthopedic Surgeons Dr. Bert Mandelbaum and Dr. Michael Gerhardt.