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Kris Carr

A 1-Day Juice & Smoothie Reset

We all need to hit the reset button from time to time. Our healthy eating habits get away from us, and we realize we’re becoming more and more lax...

Kris Carr
October 20 2015

A Self-Care Planner To Get You Through The Week (Infographic)

You know the usual story: you over-commit. You say yes to everyone who asks you for something, and you give, give, give until you fall flat on your...

Kris Carr
August 1 2014

How To Pick The Best Juicer (Infographic)

Before you select a juicer, ask yourself the following questions, and be honest!

Kris Carr
July 16 2014

The Best Sources Of Plant-Based Protein (Infographic)

One of the most pervasive myths in America is the belief that we need large amounts of protein to be healthy. Is protein important? Absolutely! But in...

Kris Carr
July 7 2014

What Everyone Should Know About Animal Adoption (Infographic)

Over the years I’ve been blessed with many teachers, and they’ve come in all forms. My grandmother, my dear friends, my incredible husband, books,...

Kris Carr
May 20 2014

Your Definitive Guide To Fiber

Sometimes when folks add more veggies and fiber-filled foods to their plate, their digestive system doesn’t cooperate very well and uncomfortable...

Kris Carr
May 29 2013

12 Must-Have Items In My Plant-Based Pantry

My pantry is the trusty scout leader of my kitchen — always prepared!

Kris Carr
May 14 2013

Strawberry Fields Smoothie

Now you can enjoy the nostalgic tastiness of strawberry milk sans moo juice or powdered junk. Strawberries are phytonutrient factories, supplying your...

Kris Carr
November 3 2012

Chocolate Walnut Cake

This little cake is easy to make and has an intense chocolate nutty flavor. It's great for a sweet snack or dressed up for an after-dinner delight.

Kris Carr
November 2 2012

Chickpea Crêpe (Farinata) with Mushrooms and Artichokes

This is the Crazy Sexy version of Italy's popular chickpea crêpe -- one of Chad's most popular brunch items in his European restaurants. Chickpea...

Kris Carr
November 1 2012

Crazy Sexy Kale Chips!

Go kale! Kale Chips (crispy wisps of the dehydrated leafy green) are now all the rage. The concept is pretty simple: cover the kale in thick cream...

Kris Carr
October 31 2012

French Toast with Amaretto Crème

Morning decadence at its best -- vegan style. Simplify the recipe by skipping the Amaretto Crème and serving it with fresh berries and a bit of maple...

Kris Carr
October 30 2012

The Awesome Healing Power of Breathing

How many of you are shallow breathers? I am. Why? Not sure. Fear? Anxiety? Perhaps I don’t breathe deeply because in some corner of my domesticated...

Kris Carr
June 7 2012

6 Steps to Make Space for Personal Growth

Let’s just say that allotting a timeline for changes has never worked for me. Scheduled growth mostly ends in failure and scotch. Why? Because I’m an...

Kris Carr
May 7 2012

4 Tips for Handling Unsupportive People

Sometimes making healthy choices can be tough – not only on a personal level, but on a social one. So how do we deal with unsupportive friends,...

Kris Carr
April 4 2012

Got Mucus? Let Me Help...

Here's a good factoid: We need the lactase enzyme to digest lactose, but between the ages of 18 months and four years we lose 90-95 percent of that...

Kris Carr
March 5 2012

16 Crazy Sexy Diet Tips

Here are sixteen of my favorite crazy and sexy tips for supercharged and healthy living.

Kris Carr
February 9 2012

Juicing vs. Blending: What's a Girl to Do?

To juice or not to juice, to blend or not to blend, that is the question! Which one is best? What's a girl to do? Panic! Freeze! Give up! Sleep! NOPE....

Kris Carr
January 4 2012