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Kelly O'Brien

5 Things That Helped Me During A Period Of Deep Grief

My father passed away in August, so I've done an unwanted deep dive into grief.

Kelly O'Brien
March 16 2015

You're The Boss Of Your Body. 5 Steps To Take Charge Of Your Health

When I was diagnosed with POTS Syndrome back in 2010, a friend of mine told me I "needed to be the CEO of my own health." And she was absolutely...

Kelly O'Brien
February 10 2015

I Had An Adrenal Crash. Here's How I Recovered

I'm here to share the story of my own climb out of an adrenal crash after my autonomic nervous system began to dysfunction due to POTS Syndrome...

Kelly O'Brien
December 26 2014

How To Live The Good Life On A Shoestring Budget

Once upon a time, I was living a very luxurious lifestyle. I had a successful career with a big salary, which meant that I had the financial means to...

Kelly O'Brien
June 28 2014

How To Deal With People Who Don't Believe You're Sick

I look perfectly healthy, but the truth is, I suffer from a rare health condition called postural tachycardia syndrome (or, POTS syndrome). I can sit...

Kelly O'Brien
May 20 2014

My Advice To Anyone Suffering From Adrenal Fatigue

What are my qualifications to direct any of you to better health? I am a girl who suffers from adrenal insufficiency and I'm healing after a maze of...

Kelly O'Brien
April 7 2014

If You Can't Be 100% Vegan, Be A Partial Vegan

Are you ready try a plant-based diet, but having trouble going 100% vegan? Maybe you can't give up your cheese plate or you just want to order the...

Kelly O'Brien
January 28 2014

The Lonely Vegan's Guide To Thanksgiving

Are you the only vegan among your family and friends? Is it hard to fully enjoy the holiday given that so much of the Thanksgiving camaraderie centers...

Kelly O'Brien
November 25 2013

I Have Celiac Disease ... Now What?

Recently I was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Kelly O'Brien
November 22 2013

How To Learn To Say NO To Yourself

I am reading the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, and I highly recommend it to everyone. We need to establish — and often...

Kelly O'Brien
November 15 2013

Control Your Anger Or It Will Control You

Any anger you choose to hold onto with a death grip will ruin your life. Anger is a healthy emotion, but when it festers and controls your reactions,...

Kelly O'Brien
October 19 2013

How To Banish Fear In The Face Of Chronic Illness

Being chronically ill has the ability to wreak havoc on your lifestyle, self-esteem, confidence, friendships, and relationships. And what can make...

Kelly O'Brien
July 16 2013

Before You Give Up Your Vegan Diet, Read This!

So I'm reading articles on MBG, blogs and across the internet that people are giving up on their vegan diets due to a whole host of reasons ranging...

Kelly O'Brien
June 24 2013

How To Shed The Weight Gained After A Health Crisis

Since I have experienced a challenging health diagnosis, I've put roughly 25 pounds on a once-lanky frame. I went through the "7 Stages of Grief"...

Kelly O'Brien
May 15 2013

I Ditched The 'Vegan' Label And I Feel Free

I once labeled myself a "vegan" and almost instantly felt a sense of purpose, community and even—dare I say—superiority over those who ate meat.

Kelly O'Brien
May 6 2013

When You're Chronically Ill, Make A Choice To Control Your Body

I'm going through the biggest transformation of my life. How I spend my time, who I spend my time with, how I treat my body and how I treat others....

Kelly O'Brien
April 10 2013

How I Beat Illness When No One Believed I Was Sick

I had to take several deep breaths before addressing this topic. It's heavy. It's complicated. It is personal.

Kelly O'Brien
April 7 2013

Want To Know Who Your True Friends Are?

Hard times will reveal true friends. Now isn't that the truth? I know you're all shaking your heads in unison.

Kelly O'Brien
April 4 2013