4 Articles by Jennifer Dopierala

Jennifer Dopierala

How I Learned To Accept My Type-A Self

I’ve been hard on myself most of my life. As a perfectionist, I learned at an early age that I needed to do things the “right” way in order to gain...

Jennifer Dopierala
April 20 2015

How To Be More Resilient When Life Disappoints You

All of us work with disappointment every day. Our expectations are constantly being disrupted, whether it's having a friend be late to a plan, missing...

Jennifer Dopierala
February 25 2015

Why Vulnerability Is So Necessary (Especially If You're Afraid Of It)

It took me many years to say I was a healer. There is so much stigma attached to the word, as well as skepticism. This, along with my aversion to...

Jennifer Dopierala
January 27 2015

How I Learned To Love My Depression

I suffer from depression, and have for as long as I can remember. It comes and goes, and rarely stops me from leading a functioning life. My...

Jennifer Dopierala
January 8 2015