Jaime Posa

Jaime works with young adults in transitional periods and individuals craving change, who are looking for someone for guidance moving forward in creating healthier, more purposeful habits. Jaime enjoys being a coach and mentor. Since her time in the Peace Corps in El Salvador, she has been living a more grounded and semi-nomadic lifestyle, most recently ‘settling’ in Costa Rica, where she received a Masters in Environment, Development and Peace from the United Nation’s University for Peace. She has been working in multi-generational and multi-cultural group settings, exploring different approaches to human development and community building by working with alternative education paradigms. She also works with off-the-grid micro-entrepreneurs to help connect them with conscious travelers. Alongside her sisters, Jaime shares her experiences, stories and research in wellbeing in seminars in New York City. For more info, check out her website.

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