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Gabrielle St.Claire

15-Minute Dinner: Moroccan-Spiced Couscous With Mint

This 15-minute vegan dinner with Moroccan couscous, radishes, and cashews.

Gabrielle St.Claire
March 15 2016

No-Bake Dessert: Lemon Blackberry Cashew Cheesecake

Raw desserts might evoke a feeling of anxiety to less savvy cooks, but I promise this recipe is an easy one.

Gabrielle St.Claire
June 28 2015

Chest-Opening Exercises To Prepare For Backbends & Inversions

As a yogi who has been practicing for over ten years, I can confidently say that over time our practice evolves. Our practice is said to be like a...

Gabrielle St.Claire
January 16 2015