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Emily Von Euw

The Only 7 Tools You Need In Your Kitchen — The Rawsome Vegan Explains

So I guess you’re wondering what equipment you should grab if you’re considering eating more plants. I'll tell you what I personally love to use in my...

Emily Von Euw
January 5 2016

Make This Super Simple Bowl For Dinner Tonight

We love a simple bowl full of colorful plants to comfort and nourish us on a cold night.

Emily Von Euw
December 16 2015

Banana Vanilla Soft Serve With Dark Chocolate Drizzle

It's finally here: soft serve season, and for those of us who feel better without refined sugars and dairy, this raw, vegan, whole food version does...

Emily Von Euw
April 7 2015

A Lighter Lunch: Raw Spring Rolls With Vegan Dipping Sauces

Looking for a light, raw but satisfying lunch to add to your repertoire? These nori and rice paper veggie rolls are the perfect solution.

Emily Von Euw
April 5 2015