Dr. Aviva Romm

Dr. Aviva Romm is The Women’s Natural Doctor. Called the face of natural medicine in the 21st century by Prevention Magazine, she has bridged her interests in traditional medicine with her knowledge of hard science for over 3 decades as a midwife and herbalist, and a Yale trained MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine with Obstetrics.

Dr. Romm practiced Functional Medicine for two years in Mark Hyman’s The UltraWellness Center in Lenox MA, and now focuses on women’s health including weight challenges, thyroid problems, adrenal issues, hormonal imbalances, and the impact of stress on health willpower, and food cravings. She is an avid environmental health advocate, with a focus on the impact of pollutants on fertility, pregnancy, women’s hormones, chronic illness and children’s long term health. Dr. Romm is one nation’s leaders in the field of botanical medicine, and is the author of 7 books on natural medicine for women and children, including the textbook Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health. She lives and practices medicine in Massachusetts, is a nationally sought speaker and writer, and is one of MBG’s 100 Women to Watch.

To reach Dr. Romm and get your FREE Thyroid Insights E-book, head on over to www.avivaromm.com.

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