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David Starlyte

10 Spiritual Guidelines To Live Your Best Life

Whatever your personal journey, you are guaranteed an epic adventure.

David Starlyte
January 3 2015

5 Tips For Living In The Moment And Achieving Your Dreams

I frequently get asked, “Why is my life not working. Why am I not happy?”

David Starlyte
April 3 2013

6 Ways to Become Enlightened

When we get out of the way of our ego, we can learn to truly experience love from the inside out —as an intrinsic part of our nature, and as an...

David Starlyte
November 19 2012

5 Reasons to Drink Coconut Water

Drop that energy drink! Here's why you might want to drink coconut water instead:

David Starlyte
October 19 2012

9 Ways to Deal with Stress

Stress is known as the greatest cause of illness. What do we know about stress, and how can we overcome it to reclaim our magnificence?#end snippet

David Starlyte
October 15 2012

9 Superfoods for Super Health

Imagine a food that contains high levels of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that can add years to your life, reduce your risk of anything from...

David Starlyte
August 23 2012

7 Tips to Keep Fit, Lean & Motivated

Too many people have failed too many times at losing weight. What is the secret ingredient, beyond calorie reduction and a change in diet?

David Starlyte
August 21 2012