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Brittany Trubridge

Easy-to-Make Vegan Rosemary Flatbread with Hummus

I recently celebrated my third anniversary with my husband over a picnic at the beach, and being the little foodie that I am (and that he is too!),...

Brittany Trubridge
November 23 2012

Life is Peachy Puff Pastry

Life is sweet! Sweet, I tell you. Better than sweet, it's peachy!

Brittany Trubridge
November 13 2012

Vegan Sicilian Soul Food

I've spent some time in Sicily over the past few years and as a die-hard foodie, I can say that Sicilian food has changed my life forever. I've grown...

Brittany Trubridge
October 13 2012

5 Natural, Effective and Cheap Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

The recent summer travels wreaked havoc on my skin. The changing of time zones, water, diet and weather was simply not received well by my...forehead?...

Brittany Trubridge
October 9 2012

Dive Into You: Realizations of a Yogini

It has been almost four years now since I stepped into the "real world" with my bachelors degree in hand and a dream to save the world. However,...

Brittany Trubridge
September 14 2012