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Alexandra Jamieson

Why I Think Masturbating Is Essential To Self-Love + How To Do It Better

Whether you're in a relationship or single, enjoying your body for your own sake can help you reconnect with your internal sensuality and capacity for...

Alexandra Jamieson
February 12 2016

6 Secrets For Warming Winter Smoothies That Help Digestion

Green smoothies are an easy and delicious way to get healthy produce into your body, but drinking them in winter warrants special warning:

Alexandra Jamieson
January 25 2016

How Failing In My Career, Veganism & Marriage Brought Me True Success

My life has been a series of what I call "successful failures." Until my mid-20s, I changed career paths three or four times, looking for the one I...

Alexandra Jamieson
December 26 2014

5 Detox Strategies To Greet 2015 (Hint: It's Not About Diet)

Counting calories is so 1998, and is probably as helpful as leeching: an old school tool for healing that may be useful for a rare few in exceptional...

Alexandra Jamieson
December 13 2014

How To Eat For Optimal Happiness

I'm a big believer that, aside from providing us with the nutritional fuel we need to function at our best, food should make us happy. That's right:...

Alexandra Jamieson
December 4 2014

4 Tips For Cooking Healthier & More Often

Thinking about cleaning up your diet, but not sure how you'll manage the extra cooking, food prep, and new eating rules in your kitchen?

Alexandra Jamieson
October 31 2014

7 Tricks To Make It Easy To Eat Healthy All Week

Thinking about eating better, but not sure how you'll manage the extra cooking, food prep, and new food rules in your kitchen? Don't let the details...

Alexandra Jamieson
August 8 2014

10 Ways To Stay Healthy On The Go

Trying to eat healthy, feel great AND travel this summer?

Alexandra Jamieson
July 18 2014

What Your Cravings Are Trying To Tell You About Your Emotions

I was just back from meeting with my divorce lawyer, and I wanted a chocolate chip cookie. A big one. One of those cookies that’s as big as your face,...

Alexandra Jamieson
July 1 2014

Why It's Not Selfish To Put Yourself First (Especially If You Have Kids)

I told the truth and got into trouble. During a recent podcast interview the host asked me how I balance family and work obligations. I told her that...

Alexandra Jamieson
June 29 2014

Why You Crave Sugar + How To Get Over It

Oh, sugar cravings. These frustrating, confounding, cravings pop up like clockwork. We struggle against them, try to avoid them, hate them, and...

Alexandra Jamieson
June 20 2014

Berries & Vegan Vanilla Cream

Do you dream of cream, yet you’ve sworn off dairy and lactose?

Alexandra Jamieson
May 18 2014

Is Plastic Surgery Good Or Bad For Women?

I was finally talking with my nutrition hero, and I couldn’t stop staring at her facelift. I had approached her at a conference and asked her opinion...

Alexandra Jamieson
April 29 2014

What I've Learned 10 Years After Being In 'Super Size Me'

Ten years ago, we were sitting on the couch when the “big idea” happened. Morgan Spurlock and I were dating, and visiting his mom in West Virginia for...

Alexandra Jamieson
February 26 2014

Trying To Lose Weight This Winter? These 5 Tips Can Help

Come New Years Day, most people kick into high gear, choose a new diet plan, pay for a gym membership, and do their best to transform their body. And...

Alexandra Jamieson
December 31 2013

How I Learned That Pain Isn't Always Bad

Stretching out on the brown and orange 70s carpet next to my mom, I could feel the backs of my thighs heat up as I bent forward to touch my toes....

Alexandra Jamieson
December 19 2013