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Want More Balance In Your Life? Start Doing This Type Of Yoga

As a nice bonus, it's easier on the joints.

Anne Rapp
September 7 2017

Confirmed: Mindful Fitness Is On The Rise This Summer. Here Are The Trends You Need To Know About

Give your running shoes a break and head to a restorative yoga class.

Leigh Weingus
July 5 2017

The Restorative Yoga Sequence That Will Release Stress In Two Minutes Flat

Inhale, exhale, and watch you stress melt away.

Stephanie Blazi
June 19 2017

Is The Future Of Fitness Looking Lazy?

Should you work out or chill out?

Elizabeth Inglese
May 4 2017

3 Natural Ways To Get Better Sleep Tonight

Tip No. 1: Apply lavender oil to your pulse points.

Sara DiVello
January 26 2017

These Are The Nighttime Rituals The mbg Staff Swears By

A collection of nighttime routines and unique sleep tips straight of the wellness-focused mbg staffers.

January 5 2017

Feeling Anxious? This Yoga Sequence Will Do The Trick

Grab your mat, your blanket, your blocks, and get going.

Adrienne S. Baggs
November 9 2016

Need To Bust Stress? Give These Restorative Yoga Poses A Try

Get ready to breathe deeply and forget all your worries.

Carol Trevor
October 1 2016

3 Therapy Ball Moves To Relieve Lower Back Pain

One of these soft-tissue conditioning moves may help change your relationship with your back.

Jill Miller
February 29 2016

One Simple Move To Relieve Neck Tension

There’s no doubt that modern technology is an incredible thing, but engaging with it too much can affect us negatively in a number of ways. For...

Dr. Leslie Carr
November 17 2015

12 Things Active Women Do Every Day

Living a truly vibrant, energized life is a daily choice. It comes down to the first thought you choose to believe upon waking, the food you select to...

August 17 2015

A Nighttime Ritual For Deep, Restful Sleep

The secret to waking up happier and well-rested? A smarter nighttime routine. What we choose to do with our evening hours directly impacts our quality...

July 6 2015