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Add These Ingredients To Your Smoothie For Glowing Skin: A Health Coach Explains

To get that glowy, even-toned, clear-skin look, what you consume is as essential as your skin care regimen. Here are our top smoothie add-ins to get...

September 26 2017

5 Easy Ways To Turn A Sweet Potato Into A Delicious Dinner

A super-easy dinner that everyone can get excited about? Sign us up!

September 13 2017

Your Complete Guide To Cooking With Essential Oils

Time to make tea tree your new best friend.

Leigh Winters
September 4 2017

The Genius Equation That Makes Packing A Healthy Kids' Lunch Super Simple

No measuring cups needed when packing this nutritionist-approved kids' lunch!

September 1 2017

These White-Chocolate Energy Balls Are A Perfect Blood-Sugar-Balancing Snack

These white-chocolate peanut-butter energy balls are loaded with superfoods and take only 5 minutes to make.

August 31 2017

5 Creamy (And Dairy-Free) Dinner Recipes With 8 Ingredients Or Less

These 5 easy dinner recipes feel totally indulgent and creamy but are completely free of dairy.

August 8 2017

Happy Watermelon Day! 7 Genius Ways To Enjoy The Fruit RN

How are you celebrating?

Emma Loewe
August 3 2017

Going Dairy-Free? Here's A Menu To Make It Easy

Maybe you’ve noticed some digestive issues, skin breakouts, or persistent brain fog; whatever the reason, try going dairy-free with this full day's...

July 27 2017

Eggs IN Oatmeal? This RD Says It’s A Game Changer

The trick to staying full through lunch.

Jessica Cording, M.S., R.D., CDN
June 1 2017

Ina Garten Has The Same Breakfast Every Single Day. Here's How To Eat Like The Contessa Healthfully

Here's how to eat like the Barefoot Contessa but be a whole lot healthier.

Elizabeth Inglese
May 17 2017

How To Make Healthy Breakfast Cookies With What's Already In Your Kitchen

Use this formula to make the breakfast cookie of your dreams.

Heather Crosby
May 14 2017

The Super Seed You Should Be Eating Every Day

With their neutral flavor, chances are that hemp hearts (filled with protein and healthy fat) will work well in practically any dish you’re making!

May 10 2017