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7 Bedroom Essentials To Guarantee Your Best Sleep Ever

Turn your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary and get your deepest night of rest with these top sleep essentials, including healing crystals, purifying...

December 12 2016

6 Tips For Getting Along With Your In-Laws

It's no surprise that the tagline for TLC's newest reality show Surviving the In-Laws acknowledges this less-glamorous part of the marriage...

Hayley Hobson
April 15 2015

14 Tips To Maintain Inner Peace At Work

A genuine feeling of peace is a difficult thing to come by, especially in our increasingly digital, fast-paced culture. And it doesn't help that many...

Neal Samudre
February 5 2015

5 Yoga Philosophies For Inner Peace & Goodwill To All

This time of year everyone seems to be talking about resolutions and how to keep off those extra pounds.

Samantha Rose
December 14 2014

5 Ways Dance Can Help Clear Your Mind & Bring Inner Peace

For many years, I believed dancing was a type of escape: from fear, worry, judgment, tough teenage years.

Tara Nicole Hughes
December 2 2014

9 Scientifically Proven Prescriptions For Peace Of Mind

In my book Mind Over Medicine, I described the physiology of self-healing, how the body is geniusly equipped with natural self-healing mechanisms that...

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
September 5 2014

How To Stay Open-Hearted In A World With So Much Suffering

Because you're reading this article on MindBodyGreen, I already know something about you. You are on some stage of the journey to being a more...

Charlie Knoles
August 14 2014

A One-Minute Meditation To Silence Your Mind & Calm Your Energy

The world as we know is in dire need of a higher vibration in its collective consciousness. During a recent morning meditation session, the intuitive...

Gabrielle Bernstein
August 5 2014

Leave Ego Behind And Find More Meaning in Life

One of my favorite quotes from Caroline Myss’ The Anatomy of the Spirit helps set the tone for this post: “Ironically, once we realize the stuff of...

Jessica Cooper
March 12 2013

Addicted To Your Cell Phone? Here's How To Get Your Life Back

Let's face it: life is getting more hectic with less time to simply BE. We've lost the spaces in our day to ponder, pause and relax.

Tom Cronin
February 15 2013

The Consequences Of Perfection (And How To Stop Chasing It)

If you constantly strive for perfection – then you might not like what I’m about to say.

Zoë B
January 28 2013

Leave It. Change It. Accept It: How Eckhart Tolle Changed My Life

I’ll never forget the first (and only) time I read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. Forever etched in my heart and mind is one key message…

Claire Obeid
January 28 2013

3 Homemade Scents That Make For Perfect Holiday Gifts

For me, there’s nothing more fun than putting on some holiday music or a favorite holiday film and getting down to some serious holiday gift crafting.

Amy Jirsa, LMT
December 20 2012

The Secret to Great Sex, Happiness, and Inner Peace

Rumi once said “Every breath you take makes one of two choices: you either surrender to your soul or struggle with doubt.” Understanding this...

Vanessa Scotto, M.A.
December 10 2012

Tools to Help Your Yoga Business

I took my first yoga class just over a year ago when my wife opened a yoga studio in Chicago called Tula Yoga Studio. At the time, I knew almost...

Andrew Wicklander
October 11 2012