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Are Your Physical Symptoms Just Repressed Emotions? A Doctor Explains

Listen up! Your body is pretty smart.

Chris Gilbert, M.D., Ph.D
October 2 2017

This Back Pain Therapy Is Cheap, Easy & Effective

Is technology the future of back pain relief?

Stephan Huber, M.D.
September 19 2017

4 Ways My Anxiety Disorder Has Changed My Life For The Better

Anxiety makes me live a more authentic life. And a more empathetic one. Anxiety has made me ask for help, made me vulnerable, and thereby deepened my...

September 2 2017

This Is The Single Most Important Factor In Raising Healthy, Happy Children

Turns out, this one component of parenting sets the stage for everything children will learn in life.

Cheryl Erwin
September 1 2017

What This Celebrity Trainer Says To Anyone Who Needs Major Workout Inspiration

This trainer's philosophy? Faith, family, friends, and working hard.

Todd McCullough
August 31 2017

3 Tech-Boosted Steps To Build Mindfulness Every Day

A thoughtful use of technology can actually lead to increased mindfulness.

August 31 2017

Why Wellness Is What The World Needs Now

Because the world needs us at our best.

Olessa Pindak
August 28 2017

How A Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me To Be Mindful

"I now consider myself a recovering hustler."

Sara Weinreb
August 16 2017

6 Science-Backed Body Language Secrets To Make You Look & Feel More Powerful

Are you making a body language faux-pas without even realizing it? Here's how to look like you've got your sh*t together (even if you really, really...

Vanessa Van Edwards
August 12 2017

How To Make Your Home More Mindful

Calm home, calm mind.

James Winskowski
August 9 2017

The ADD-Eating Disorder Connection You Need To Know About

What do ADD and eating disorders have in common?

Mark Julian
July 31 2017

How To Use Meditation In Any Situation

There's a meditation for every situation. These meditations will help you navigate tricky moments, cultivate calmness and balance, and increase your...

Amanda Gilbert
July 27 2017

Yes, Mantras Have The Power To Reprogram Your Brain

Here's how to find the right one for you.

Caley Alyssa
July 24 2017