I'm so happy to share a few simple feng shui tips to create the perfect home office and transform how effective you are!

Follow these five simple steps to customize your own calming sacred space at home.

Train your brain to default to healthy choices with these tricks.

As a feng shui consultant, I encourage my clients to view their home as the holder of their dreams.

Downsizing, it turns out, comes paired with surprising positive effects on health and happiness.

Consider it your fast track to cozy, comforting vibes.

By returning to handcrafted works made using natural materials, you can immerse yourself in a world of textile, color, and texture.

Ready to craft the cozy sanctuary of your dreams?

Don't let your home hinder your happiness.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a pretty epic term—one that gives name to the common desire for warmth and intimacy.

7. Avoid the "just in case" mentality.

Employ the power of plants during your next home clean.

This may just be the best way to end 2016.

We bet you already have most of these ingredients in your kitchen.