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How My "Perfect" Diet Changed Once I Got Pregnant

I realized it was time to start from scratch—and that was OK.

Angela Watson Robertson
November 3 2017

My Journey To Finding The Perfect Nut-Free, Plant-Based Milk

This clean, nut-free, and dairy-free milk option is about to rock your world.

Leah Goldglantz
August 28 2017

Elimination Diet Too Intimidating? Give Up Just This One Food For Major Results

Not ready to do a deep dive into the elimination diet? Just ditch dairy for a major change.

Katie Lemons
August 22 2017

The Two Unlikely (And Super-Common) Culprits Behind My Gut Problems

Most people eat at least one of these every day.

Cameron Linville
August 11 2017

Common Mistakes Made On The Elimination Diet

Make sure you're not sabotaging your efforts!

Susan Blum, M.D., MPH
August 10 2017

I Tried A Diet Based On At-Home Blood + Genetic Testing: Here's What Happened

With the Habit "personalized nutrition" test, learn how to eat based on your own unique biology—not someone else's.

Pat Bailey
May 17 2017

Learn What Foods Your Body Loves (And Which Ones It Doesn't) With This At-Home Test

With this simple personalized nutrition test, you'll find out what's best for your gut, what foods make your body happy, and what nutrients you...

April 21 2017

How To Ask Your Waiter For Substitutions Without Feeling Like A Jerk: A Chef Explains

Never feel guilty for asking for a substitution again.

Carolina Santos-Neves
November 30 2016

How To Sneak High-Nutrient Foods Into All Your Kids' Favorite Desserts

For any kid with food allergies, these desserts are a dream come true.

Amber Bodily
November 5 2016

This Gluten-Free, Diary-Free Cornbread Is Your Ultimate Hearty Side Dish

Danielle Walker's gluten-free cornbread recipe is as delicious as it is sensitive to food allergies. With no corn, gluten, or dairy, and packed with...

September 27 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Food Allergies (Even If You Don't Have Them)

Allergies and food sensitivities can be complicated. Let us break it down for you.

September 17 2016

5 Things We Learned From Heather Christo About Switching To An Allergen-Free Diet

Food allergies shouldn't leave you feeling deprived.

Leah Vanderveldt
August 11 2016