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How This Ex-Olympic Skier Found Healing Through Yoga After An Accident

Most Olympic athletes and hopefuls follow a predestined path to success in the world of elite sports—for Erin Beck, the path was less formulaic.

Krysten Peck
2 days ago

mbg Exclusive: Michael Phelps, The Most Decorated Olympian Of All Time, On How To Achieve Your Goals

Michael Phelps has achieved something greater than his 28 medals; he’s lived through the attainments of his goals. History will remember him for his...

Elizabeth Inglese
3 days ago

Yes, The Pill Can Mess With Your Mood. Here's Exactly What To Do About It

Whether you're on the pill or not, you never need to settle for depression.

Jolene Brighten, N.D.
3 days ago

How Yoga Became My Therapy After A Major Diagnosis

Yoga has become my form of therapy that has allowed me to evolve into a newer version of myself, post-diagnosis.

Shanna Tyler
4 days ago

10 Signs You're Out Of Touch With Your Emotions

Advice straight from a psychotherapist.

Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LCSW
February 7

3 Signs You're Anxious & Don't Know It, According To A Psychologist

Yes, you could be anxious even if you're sleeping super-well.

Dr. Perpetua Neo
January 31

Short Days Got You Down? This One-Day Anti-SAD Diet Will Perk You Right Up

This R.D.-designed diet utilizes the latest science to help you feel better, ASAP.

Jessica Cording, M.S., R.D., CDN
December 17 2017

The Workout That Helps This Actress Cope With Depression

She's been doing it every morning for a year.

Leigh Weingus
December 15 2017

What Is Postpartum Anxiety?

Every parent needs to learn this term.

Leigh Weingus
December 7 2017

What Happened When I Stopped Meditating After 3 Years

I learned some surprising lessons about the power of meditation.

Maria Stenvinkel
December 2 2017