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How I Finally Healed From Binge Eating

First step: Get enough healthy fats.

Dawn MacLaughlin
February 25 2017

The Weird Trick That Helps Curb Emotional Eating

A simple game could provide immediate relief

Samantha Russell
December 24 2016

Myths About Overeating We Need To Stop Believing

"The diet industry has set you up for failure. It's in the very nature of a diet."

Jennifer Hand
November 3 2016

I'm A Nutritionist. Here Are 3 Things I Wish I'd Learned About Food At School

"My life was dominated by a fixation on food rules instead of by my own body's wisdom."

Jennifer Hand
October 20 2016

This Lifestyle Factor Could Be Keeping You From Your Happy Weight

Another really good reason to stop dieting for good.

Jessica Sepel
September 14 2016

How I Overcame Emotional Eating & Embraced Self-Love

"Women are nourished in so many more ways than food, although many of us have forgotten what truly makes us feel full."

Allison Dryja
July 31 2016

The One Thing I Learned From Being On 50 Diets In 5 Years

What this woman learned when she ditched dieting and got in touch with her intuition.

Samantha Skelly
July 29 2016

5 Things I Wish More People Knew About Binge-Eating Disorder

I’d come home each day from a job that was making me unhappy, living in a body that I didn’t like, and beeline for the fridge. Fifteen minutes later,...

Kyla Sokoll-Ward
June 15 2016

Ditch Binge Eating For Good With These Simple Questions

The next time you find yourself sprinting to the kitchen with dreams of devouring BBQ chips by the fistful, stop and take this quick survey instead.

Lu Uhrich
April 7 2016

5 Reasons Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of Eating Disorders (Even If You Don't Have One)

Today marks the start of this year's Eating Disorders Awareness Week. If you aren't personally struggling, you might be wondering why this should...

Mary Anne Cohen, LCSW, BCD
February 21 2016

What Your Body Shape Says About Your Eating Habits

A new study out of Drexel University found that a woman's body type may be indicative of her binge eating habits.

Emma Loewe
November 16 2015