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10 Signs You Have Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation, which occurs when your immune system gets set permanently to “on," is associated with many modern diseases. Here's how to tell...

What I Tell My Patients Who Want To Fight Chronic Inflammation

Dr. Frank Lipman shares his preventive prescription for taming inflammation.

Frank Lipman, M.D.
May 9 2016

The Inflammation-Reducing Yoga Sequence You Need For Quality Sleep

To heal inflammation during sleep we need both enough sleep and good-quality sleep.

Erika Bloom
February 2

7 Ways To Reduce Chronic Inflammation That Have Nothing To Do With Diet

As a nutritionist, I believe that the best way to heal chronic inflammation is through your diet. But to truly win your battle against inflammation,...

Have Acid Reflux? Here's Exactly What To Eat (And Avoid)

Could hidden acid reflux be causing inflammation in your body?

Dr. Jonathan Aviv
March 1 2017

The Top 3 Drinks That Calm Inflammation

Including one fruit juice you should definitely be seeking out.

Dr. Edward Group
June 20 2016