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3 Family-Friendly Dinners Your Kids Can Help You Make Tonight

Cozy nights in call for this wholesome dinner!

October 26 2018

Um, Avocado Butter Exists & You're Going To Be Addicted To It

Nutritional therapy practitioner Noelle Tarr and paleo diet expert Stefani Ruper share why they love avocado butter in their four-week food and...

Caroline Muggia
October 25 2018
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This Granola Goes With That: The Ultimate Guide To A Fast And Flawless Breakfast Pairing

Granola This, Granola That. Check Out This Guide For A Fast and Flawless Breakfast Pairing.

October 15 2018
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This Pumpkin Spice Muffin Recipe Has An Adaptogenic Twist

The ultimate recipe for a Pumpkin Spice Muffin that's both healthy and yummy!

October 9 2018

The Easy Drink This Functional Doc Uses As A Potent Daily Detoxifier

Drink it daily, and see how quickly you start to feel better.

Liz Moody
September 29 2018

The Three 10-Minute Dinners A Nutritionist Makes On Repeat

Packed with protein and vegetables, you'll want to add these to your regular rotation.

Jessica Sepel
September 18 2018

How To Tell If Your Food Was Raised Inhumanely — And What To Do About It

Ready to pay more attention to food labels? Here's how.

September 17 2018

5 Better-For-You Lunch Ideas Your Kids Will Ask For Every Single Day

These school lunch ideas are as easy to make as they are fun to eat.

September 13 2018
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A Pair Of Hangry Athletes Wrote A Cookbook & We Want To Make Everything

These are the easiest healthy meals that fueled Shalane Flanagan while training.

August 29 2018