5 Foods For Vibrant Hair
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Tara Sowlaty RHC is a Natural Foods Chef and Registered Health Coach, trained at The Natural Gourmet Institute and Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She created The Tara List Solution, which gives you tools to stay healthy yet still embrace the delicious side of life. You can find her tips and secrets on The Tara List, as well as on  The Chalkboard Mag and TheExaminer.com. She wants to share her health and foodie knowledge to help others maintain a balanced and thriving lifestyle. Make a promise to yourself and commit to The Tara List Solution; it’s a way of life.

Never diet, deprive, or doubt again… The Tara List Solution will take you into balance, moderation, and happiness! 

Sheryl Paul, counselor and bestselling author, gives you the tools to transform a good relationship into the best relationship of your life.
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This nutrition course will teach you the basics to help you incorporate a plant-based diet into your everyday life!
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